5 Easy Tips To Lower Your Utility Bill

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Paying those heavy bills is pretty troublesome for everyone and most of us want to lower the bills. AC Units are the biggest part of one’s utility bill, almost 50% of the total bill. When it comes to Air Conditioning in Miami, there a numerous ways to reduce your bills. Here are 5 easy to follow ways to lower your utility bill. Not only you will save large on your bills but you will also contribute to saving the energy of the environment.

Tip #1. Replace Air Filters Regularly

When the air filter of your AC system is clogged, the unit has to work harder to pass the air through the filter, thus using more energy for the same amount of work. Replace the filters monthly to improve the efficiency of your AC unit and save a money on your bills. The air filters can be easily changed by yourself and cost you comparatively low.

Tip #2. Close Windows & Doors

To ensure that the cool air doesn’t escape, close all the windows and doors. It keeps the room or the closed place cool. If the windows or doors are left open, then your unit needs to work harder to cool the same place, while increasing your bills and declining the efficiency of the system. Whenever you switch ON your AC system, make sure to close all the doors and windows. It helps you lower your utility bills efficiently.

Tip #3. Proper Installation of Ducts

Ducts are one of the most crucial parts of an AC system. If they are loose or are not installed rightly, then you could be losing a large percentage of cool air through the ducts. Hire an AC Repair Miami professional to properly insulate the ducts. It will keep up the efficiency of your system and lower the bill as well.

Tip #4. Cover From Direct Sunlight & Heat

Direct sunlight or heating appliances force the AC to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your AC system would need to work twice to create the same amount of cooling. Properly cover the windows and units from sunlight and keep heating appliances away to lower the bill and help you AC unit work efficiently. Try to use heat-generating appliances at night.

Tip #5. Use Ceiling Fans

It has been proven that fans make a room feel cooler. The energy needed for the use of a ceiling fan is comparatively lesser than that needed for an AC unit to run. According to Blue jay, it could help save $438 per year.

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