A Few Ways to Stay Cool and Cut Cost

The major contribution in most households in having expensive energy bills is because of the utilization of an air conditioning machine. Now, with that being said, would you not be interested in having low cost bills and still enjoying the cool air from an air conditioner? Yes! You would definitely be. But the question now arises is how? Right!Well! That’s simple you need to imbibe few very quick and useful strategies in order to have low cost bills and cool environment at home. Read this blog further as AC repair Wellington is furnishing those key points for you to follow.

Cleaning of Air Filters

There are one or two basic types of filters fitted with an air conditioning system. Most systems have permanent filters while others have disposable ones. Whichever filters are there they get affected by dirt and needs to be cleaned otherwise, the unit has to work harder in order to cool the room. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation will help you clean the filters more specifically. Besides this, replace the filters if the air conditioner is being used constantly, otherwise, replace them in every three months.

Check on Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are vital in removing the moist air from the bathrooms, smoke and food odours from the kitchen and warm air from other areas of the house. But running the fan continuously will be useless as once it finishes its job in removing moist air, it will then let the air conditioned air out of the living space. This way the comfort levels go down and the AC unit has to work harder in order to cool the room. So use ventilation fans wisely otherwise, they will put pressure on the unit and thereby increases the cost of the bill.

Insulate the Ducts

Even the small gaps in the ducts can make the air escape before it reaches to the living space. Sealing these gaps can increase the comfort level and will help the AC system not to work harder. If the ductwork is accessible then try to seal it yourself, either by metal tape or duct sealant and wrapping with insulation. These remedies will boost the efficiency of the unit by as much as 20%. If the ductwork is concealed in the walls, then do call the expert from AC repair Wellington service for imparting servicing to ducts.