AC Repair Check List

AC Repair Service

AC Repair Service

When we can have a checklist for shopping and spring cleaning, why can’t we have one that will help us take better care of our precious gadgets like AC repair? The gadgets of our home make our lives smooth and functional, but they require constant maintenance. Here is a check list for the Air Conditioner which will also help when you have to conduct AC repair in North Miami. Read on to know more!

Condenser Coil:

The heating and cooling of this coil is what helps in the overall air conditioning process. Any reliable AC company will tell you that a condenser coil which is filled with dirt will end up raising the refrigerant pressure to a level that is much higher than what is required. This will make your energy bills shoot right through the roof! So keep this part clean for less energy consumption.

Refrigerant Charge:

Check your refrigerant charge regularly in order to prevent a shut down of the compressor. Also, high refrigerant charges can send your operating costs up by close to 30%!

Inspection of Controls and Safety:

All the safety components and controls of the air conditioner must be checked routinely along with AC repair North Miami or any other place, so that you know that the piece does not pose a security hazard for the user. Also, with this function one can ensure that when the AC company has opened the AC for repair, it is put back with all the safety controls in place without any loose wiring and other such elements. This kind of loose wiring can lead to a failure of various components including the motor, the controls and the compressor.

Recording of the Temperature and Pressure:

One must ensure that the vital data of the AC equipment is checked from time to time by recording the temperature and pressure readings, as these figures will help in point out any problems and malfunctioning.


The rotating equipment must be properly lubricated at all times so as to prevent a failure of the same which will lead to a shut down of all the other parts that are vital for the cooling and heating function of the AC.

Air Filter:

Always ensure that your air filter is changed by the AC company with AC repair in North Miami or anywhere else, so that the life of your compressor increases and energy does not get wasted either.

Taking care of you AC is a matter of being invested in its repair and maintenance with a good AC company.