AC Repair: Things you must know

During summers, we depend heavily on the comfort of the cool breeze from an HVAC system. When anything goes wrong, it is best to call in an AC installation service company who will locate the fault and repair it right away. If you own an AC, it is imperative that you educate yourself about the most common AC issues. Read on to know about them.

Low Refrigerant – Refrigerant, also referred to as Freon, is important in the cooling process of your AC. Freon is a chemical that cools the air, which is then circulated inside the home. If your Freon level is low, your home will not cool.

Low refrigerant also means that your Freon is leaking somewhere. While adding new liquid may take care of the issue for some time, it will eventually become low again.

Broken Outside Fan – The outside fan blows the heat out of your home. If it is not working well, you need immediate AC repair. Stagnant hot air can cause the compressor to overheat and this can lead to permanent damage of the system. If you find that the outside fan is not working well or that your machine is not operating properly, it’s a good idea to switch off the HVAC and call in a repairman.

Malfunctioning Outside Unit – When the outside unit is not working, it is time to schedule a repair. The system may not be getting adequate power. It is possible that your thermostat may just require a new battery or it may need to be replaced completely.

Faulty Wiring – Faulty wiring can be dangerous. When the machine is installed by an unskilled technician or installed in a hurry, faulty wiring is a possibility. This prevents the system from getting the power it requires to run properly.

Frozen Coil – When the coil inside the unit is frozen, the solution may be to replace the dirty filter or you may need to get your ducts cleaned. Your AC repair Miami specialist can examine your machine and help figure out what needs to be done.

The best way to go to avoid any of these issues is to set a maintenance plan for your machine. It is best to get your machine inspected before the hot weather sets in. During the maintenance, your AC repair technician will inspect your unit and help diagnose any issues. He will be able to detect minor issues before they become major problems during the hot, summer months.
Scheduling regular checks can go a long way towards maintaining the health of your machine and ensuring that it continues to perform well for several years.