Common Problems with Your HVAC Unit

When summer is approaching, one of the first things on your mind would be to quickly check if your AC unit is working fine. This is the single most important factor that will define your and your family’s comfort during the scorching hot days. Considering the importance of an efficiently functioning AC unit, here are some common problems that your HVAC unit repair service can help you with.

What are the Common Problems with HVAC unit?

While it is always a good idea to have a reliable AC repair Miami contact handy, it is advisable that you understand your HVAC unit completely so that you are aware of the kind of HVAC unit repair that is needed.

Improper Operation

One of the most common problems with your AC unit can be improper operation. The best thing you can do to ensure optimum functioning of your AC unit is to ensure minimum energy loss. This means, if you have centralized air conditioning system, make sure that the windows, doors and all outlets of air are closed. If you have any open vents, they may affect the performance of your AC unit. If you have a room air conditioner, try to isolate that room from the rest of your house for maximum efficiency.

Faulty Installation

Faulty installation is another common reason that may create problems with the HVAC unit. When you want to install your AC unit, always rely on professional AC repair Miami contractor that has the license and certification to offer you AC installation service. Poor installation can lead to leaky ducts. Another installation flaw is inadequate refrigerant charge and if that happens, you will need to get HVAC unit repair service done several times. If you hire inexperienced technicians, they will fail to identify refrigerant charging problems which would further worsen the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Inadequate Maintenance

The air filters and condensing coils in your AC unit are prone to get dirty. Frequent maintenance service is important to clean the coils and replace the filters regularly. Only when you deal with a professional AC repair Miami service provider and hire the company for a regular maintenance contract, you can deal with this issue.

Electric Control Failure

One more common problem that your HVAC unit repair service can deal with is electric control failure. The compressor and the fan controls of your AC unit can wear out so it is important to keep a close watch on them.

Drainage Problems

When the humidity levels are high, the condenser may give you some issues. There may be water clogging or improper draining from the condenser. With a regular HVAC unit repair contract, you can avoid this issue as the technician will regular check the condenser.

The above are some of the most common problems which can be easily controlled when you are keeping a watch on the performance of your AC unit. This is only possible with a regular maintenance program by a reputed AC repair West Palm Beach contractor.