Do You Know Why Air Conditioners Make Noise?

Undoubtedly, any type of noise coming from inside or outside is annoying then how is it possible that you can be able to survive the irritating noise from an air conditioner. Absolutely not! It is not at all possible that you could tolerate even more than a while without taking off your mind from it, then why you haven’t ever thought that what is causing such loud noise in air conditioner? You haven’t thought! Right! Don’t worry because here in this blog few such causes are being summarized by AC repair Miami Beach on which, if you a keep a check then your AC unit will certainly not generate any noise.

Problem in Compressor

The compressor does make a usual noise, but if you sense an unusual sound, then there is a problem with the compressor or it has worn out. The first thing you should do when you acknowledge the noise from the compressor is switch off the air conditioner as the compressor has to work harder in a trial of giving a cooling effect. The only thing which is to be done by you is to call an expert from the AC repair Miami Beach service for getting the compressor repaired.

Faulty Motor

Now another cause of noise could be faulty fan motor. The malfunctioning of fan motor could occur because of bearings which are not being lubricated. The reason for removal of lubrication is that when the air conditioner works for several years, then its lubrication can encounter a breakdown which leads to the generation of loud noise from the motor. So the best solution is to replace the motor as motor can’t be repaired again.

Bad Motor Belt

Sometimes an AC unit produces a different type of yelling noise. If you acknowledge this type of noise, then it is because of problems related to a bad belt or motor bearings. So, you don’t have to worry about this as if you find that belts have got defective then you can easily replace belts as they are not so expensive, whereas if there is a problem with bearings then you have to think about replacing the motor.