Filters that Work Perfect for Portable Air Conditioner

A portable unit is no doubt an essential piece of equipment at least during those scorching summer when you can’t even think of surviving without the cool and chilly air of freshness. But, in order to avail the maximum benefits from a portable unit, it is quite important for you to precheck properly that what filter options are good for portable units. Though there are a variety of filters which does some specific work for you to avail full utilization of your portable air conditioner unit, still it is you who has to decide that which option does give you much relief and good health. To make you understand better AC repair Kendall has described few filters which will truly be of great help to you.


Almost all portable AC units come equipped with standard pre-filters which help in fighting with dust, pet hair and microbes. They can be washed and reused again, however, still they are not much advantageous as they are only capable of capturing largest microbes in the air and are not effective for those patients who are having asthma and skin allergies. Besides this, they also don’t show good results in removing unpleasant odors from the air. So, if you are looking to have inside air cleaner then you have to look for some other option.

Silver Ion Filters

Another option in the row is silver ion filters which are found effective in removing bacteria and suppress the growth of microbes. Also, they are good at removing pet hair, dust, pollen and thereby making the air purer and cleaner to breathe properly. To have better results from these filters, it is highly recommended to get them changed after every three or six months to keep the unit functional. If you are not able to change, then avail the assistance from the expert of AC repair Kendall who will diligently replace them.

Carbon Filters

These filters can very well absorb contaminants, impurities and odours from the air and also help you in getting rid of those common smells of household, which usually arises because of food cooking in the kitchen or if you smoke in your house or if you have pets who mainly spreads their smell all over the house. All these problems can be easily handled by a portable air conditioner with a carbon filter. These filters are not reused, but they can be replaced at an affordable cost.