The Importance Of Going Green

These days are all about saving. Saving money, saving the environment. Saving a favorite memory on YouTube. However, rarely can you combine two or more types of saving into one action. By trusting us to advise you on how you can “go green” with your Miami air conditioning system, you can accomplish two of the savings listed above.

Gone are the days that required a massive upfront investment for little return far down the road. When it comes to upgrading to a more efficient heat pump, or buying a higher quality condenser that doesn’t rely on Freon, the savings can be nearly immediate. Rafael’s Air Conditioning is at the forefront when it comes to the latest technologies and tricks that can help keep green on the planet, and green in your wallet. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you save as much as possible!

As many other countries continue to develop, there is a growing need for air conditioning. It can even be a life-saver. However, due to other parts of the world exploding in population, the local economies sometimes cannot support the latest and greatest technologies. For this reason, we must do everything we can to help stem the deterioration of the ozone layer. Rafael’s Air Conditioning can help you take the lead.

Over the past couple of years there have been major advancements in green technology in the HVAC field. From air sanitizing and air duct cleaning that affect your indoor air quality, to brand new condensers and evaporators. The by-product of this new technology is more efficient energy use. The less that your system has to work, the less pollution is released, and the lower your monthly bill becomes.

Call us today for a complete overhaul, or just a few simple suggestions that could lead to a better life for yourself, and the future to come.