Know How Rains Could Destroy Your Air Conditioner

For the few, the rainy season is a bliss and for a few, it is no less than a problem. It gives you relief from the scorching heat and at the same time result into muddy and crowded areas. Anyways, one of the most annoying situation is that when rains harm your air conditioner and leave no stone unturned in letting the machine not to work as with the rains comes dirt, debris and other bacteria, fungi and mold which usually occupies your air conditioner unit. So protection from rains is one of the most important tasks in keeping the functional state of the AC system active. Reading the blog further will let you know in elaborating form some of the consequences furnished by AC repair Hialeah which rains give to your AC units. 


The rains are usually accompanied by strong winds which carry with them debris and can get stagnated in the air conditioner and can damage it. Not only this, but the winds also can allow plants, branches and leaves to be blown in and against the unit and can harm the outer body of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the air conditioning machine during rains and if possible, then hire the expert from AC repair Hialeah to give a thorough cleanup session to the machine.

Covering the AC Unit

Covering the AC unit can somehow escape it, not to get trapped by debris, but it will increase humidity which further results into mold, fungi and bacterial growth which again is not a favourable thing for your air conditioning machine. So air circulation is vital for the compressor and that’s why it is recommended to keep your AC uncovered.


Flooding is another cause which can ruin your air conditioning component in rains. Mild flooding is not that much issue, but if the flood water is above 15 inches, then it could really be a serious matter for your air conditioning component as it can badly affect the electrical components and wiring and thereby can loosen the electrical connections.