Learn What to Do When Heat Pumps Don’t Run

A heat pump is an important feature of your home, especially during winters when warmth and comfort are the top most priority to beat the effect of that chilly air outside so that a desired temperature could be maintained at home. Though heat pumps are long-lasting, but even then the situation can become worse and they stop working. Hard to imagine! Isn’t it? But no worries as there are plenty of measures which you can do yourself. This is what is explained in this blog by heat pump repair Miami service of how you can do about the non-functional state of heat pump and how you can restore back their productivity again.

Check Thermostat

First and foremost, check the thermostat as this is the most common reason for making heat pump to stop working. Make sure that the thermostat is set at the right setting otherwise it will not turn ON or in some other cases the thermostat itself is faulty and not functioning well or you just have replaced it and not showing good results or you may have purchased the wrong model. So do check all these points on your thermostat and get it rectified.

Check Power Supply

Sometimes you think there is a very major issue in the heat pump but in reality the problem is minute and your system is just not getting adequate power supply. So, for this check the circuit breaker whether it is operating well or not. Besides this, also check the working of the main electrical panel to see whether it is getting power or not. If it is not getting power and the breakers are not flipped then you probably have a short in the system.

Check Other Problem

If you don’t find any above problems, then your unit is demanding resetting. If it doesn’t work then make sure that you check all the electrical elements for proper functioning. Even if your unit doesn’t turn up then look upon the motor also whether it is functioning adequately or not. If the motor is not operating fine and you have almost checked all the related things, then it is time now to call the professional from heat pump repair Miami who will guide you accurately whether you need a replacement or your existing machine can be rectified.