4 Things to Know about AC Maintenance Service

Air-conditioning machines are complex systems which depend on a number of conditions to perform seamlessly. They are normally ‘sized’ to carry a certain ‘load’ of the house. Generally, they are designed to have a specific amount of refrigerant which is known as ‘charge’, and only a specific amount of air will flow across the coils. However, any of these change; the unit will start having problems. And it is time to bring the experts in AC repair Miami. But as the user, you must know a few things about your AC, how it works and what might have caused the damage.

Why does the AC stop cooling your space?

When your AC doesn’t produce the desired cooling effect, you tend to ask yourself what has gone wrong. Experts, who are involved with AC maintenance service, will tell you that there might be quite a few reasons behind this malfunction. If more heat is produced within the house either from greater number of people or new appliances or because of other changes in the house, the machine might not be able to keep up. You should also check your refrigerant charge from time to time and find out whether it is leaking, because the system may not produce the desired cooling effect, when the loaf gets higher. The airflow across the outside coil can reduce, and the cooling capacity of the machine may go down.

A Routine Maintenance is a Must

When it comes to AC maintenance service, routine maintenance such as cleaning and changing of filters is a must. It is also important to check your coils from time to time and brush away the dirt and obstructions from the coils. If the machine is not producing the desired cool air, this probably indicates that the refrigerant needs to be changed or there may be issues with the airflow. A professional can thoroughly inspect the system, and provide solutions. From time to time, it is good to watch for duct leakage. In fact, a duct leakage can decrease the energy efficiency level of the machine from 20 to 40%.

Cleaning the AC Condenser

If you ask any experts who are associated with AC repair Miami, they will tell you that cleaning the AC condenser is a must. Over time, debris, twigs, dirt and leaves or other junk gets stuck around the AC condenser. The condenser should be cleaned at least twice a year for seamless performance. If you are hiring a professional, they will know what to do. But in case, you want to do it yourself, it is better to turn off the power of the unit at the fuse or breaker box; remove the branches and then use a water hose to clean the condenser.

Always Consider the Life Span of the Machine

The average life span of the air conditioning unit is between 12 to 15 years; in case you leave in the coastal area, the longevity might reduce considerably. In case your air conditioning machine needs constant repair and has become inefficient, you should think about a replacement. The units manufactured today are 60% more energy-efficient than previous machines. If you plan to save your utility bills, maybe it is time to bring a new model home.

If you have an air-conditioning machine, then you must have professional check up done at least once a year; this will include everything like efficiency and safety checks, inspection of coolant levels etc.