Seasonal Check Ups For Miami HVAC Systems

While many might argue that South Florida doesn’t experience seasons in the traditional sense, we all know this simply isn’t true. We have the shorts season, jeans season, and of course flu season. Did you know that your air conditioning system can be effected almost as much as your wardrobe by these changing temperatures?

Mold, dust, mildew, and other undesirable contaminants could be hiding in your Miami air vents right now. Further more, your air coils could be in need of a cleaning after being run so much during the summer. Rain water may have infiltrated your HVAC system in all kinds of ways. This is why we offer pre-season check ups for all Miami residents. It is important to prepare for the changes in humidity and heat that can come up. Like any other household maintenance item, your air conditioning requires constant vigilance to keep working correctly. Contact the professionals 24/7 to schedule your appointment before things change again!

The changing seasons bring with them all manners of complications. Dirt and debris can get trapped in air ducts, and recirculated throughout the home. Pollen can invade open orifices and clog up fans. Most of the time, rain will not do much damage to an outside unit, but the moisture can eventually lead to rust and mold.

Our technicians have seen the seasons change over and over. Our experience is what helps set us apart from competitors. Our pre-season check up packages are specifically tailored to our clients and their HVAC system’s needs. Feel free to contact our offices 24/7 to schedule an appointment today! Your Miami air conditioning unit will be working overtime very soon as summer approaches. Prevention is the best medicine as they say. Now is the right time to have your entire AC system checked over by our professionals. Our services are affordable and convenient, and we make our schedule around your availability. There’s no reason not to book a pre-season check up!