What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

It is very difficult to live comfortably in the hot and muggy summer of Florida with a defective air conditioning unit. To get rid of the excruciating heat of summer, it is very necessary to keep up the efficiency of your AC unit. Most of the time it’s not just one problem that caused in a malfunctioning AC unit but a conglomeration of problems have resulted in the issue with your air conditioner. Small issues can be fixed without calling a technician only. Here are some of the most common problems that can easily be resolved all by yourself:

Check the Thermostat Settings

Always make sure that the thermostat is on fan auto and ac cool. Sometimes incorrect settings of the thermostat can lead you to believe that your air conditioner is malfunctioning. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner, it’s just the thermostat.

Check Air Filter

Another most common issue is air filter maintenance. It is very necessary to change and clean the air filter of your unit regularly and must be properly maintained. A clogged or dirty filter can result in several serious air restrictions while making the air conditioning unit freezing up.

Clean Your Outdoor A/C Unit

Most of us avoid cleaning the outdoor A/C unit, which results in the problems later. The outdoor unit and its surrounding should be cleaned regularly and clear of any type of obstructions like grass, plants, and other stuff to ensure that the refrigerant is cooled down efficiently. It can easily be done by AC coil cleaner.

Even after following the above steps, you AC is not working then you might need a professional certified technician. The technician will diagnose the system to identify the key issue and fix the problem. Rafael’s Air Conditioning put in service certified AC repair technician and expert air duct cleaning technician to help you with your defective unit at affordable prices.